Updated: Friday, March 1, 2024

The Accumulation Unit Values (AUVs) shown below represent Horace Mann's variable annuities with mortality and expenses risk (M&E) fees of 1.25 percent. The AUVs are as of the market close at 3:00 p.m. CST. Horace Mann Life Insurance Company has other annuity contracts with different M&E fees resulting in different AUVs than those shown below. If you want to know the AUV specific to your annuity contract, please consult your policy information. This will require a sign-on or registration before you can access your data.


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Investment OptionAUV as of 03/01/2024AUV as of 02/29/2024AUV ChangePercentage Change
Alger Mid Cap Growth I-2 42.510642.12610.38450.90%
Allspring VT Discovery SMID Growth Fund 63.486863.00050.48630.77%
American Funds Insurance Series New World Class 1 32.195631.90410.29150.91%
American Funds IS Growth Fund 286.9262282.88424.04201.41%
American Funds IS International Growth & Income Class 1 19.749019.55960.18940.96%
American Funds IS Managed Risk Asset Allocation 17.577917.38930.18861.07%
American Funds IS New World Fund 35.306834.99370.31310.89%
American Funds IS US Government Securities Fund Cl1 11.727211.67960.04760.41%
American Funds IS Washington Mutual Investors Class 1 26.126825.85730.26951.03%
American Funds IS Washington Mutual Investors FundCl 4 31.063730.73310.33061.06%
BlackRock High Yield Variable Insurance Fund Class1 9.07499.05680.01810.20%
BlackRock High Yield Variable Insurance Fund III 8.94058.92290.01760.20%
BNY Mellon Investment Products: Small Cap Stock Index Portfolio 47.428447.19920.22920.48%
Calvert S & P Mid Cap 400 Index 211.8849210.43401.45090.68%
Calvert VP SRI Balanced I 3.15803.13300.02500.79%
ClearBridge Variable Small Cap Growth 36.630036.31960.31040.85%
DFA VA US Targeted Value 33.382033.23440.14760.44%
Fidelity VIP Freedom 2015 Service Class 2 17.666717.55730.10940.62%
Fidelity VIP Freedom 2020 Fund Initial Class 18.247318.11580.13150.72%
Fidelity VIP Freedom 2025 Fund Initial Class 19.700819.54960.15120.77%
Fidelity VIP Freedom 2025 Service Class 2 20.496020.32370.17230.84%
Fidelity VIP Freedom 2030 Fund Initial Class 20.505320.33800.16730.82%
Fidelity VIP Freedom 2035 Fund Initial Class 34.075333.75870.31660.93%
Fidelity VIP Freedom 2035 Service Class 2 35.506835.18680.32000.90%
Fidelity VIP Freedom 2040 Fund Initial Class 34.192133.85060.34151.00%
Fidelity VIP Freedom 2045 Fund Initial Class 34.143933.79490.34901.02%
Fidelity VIP Freedom 2045 Service Class 2 35.842035.47210.36991.03%
Fidelity VIP Freedom 2050 Fund Initial Class 30.924130.59960.32451.05%
Fidelity VIP Freedom 2055 Fund Initial Class 15.172615.02500.14760.97%
Fidelity VIP Freedom 2055 Service Class 2 15.091314.93260.15871.05%
Fidelity VIP Freedom 2060 Initial Class 15.265015.10280.16221.06%
Fidelity VIP Freedom 2065 SC2 15.025614.86430.16131.07%
Fidelity VIP Freedom Retirement Income Initial 13.019912.96100.05890.45%
Fidelity VIP FundsManager 20% Service Class 2 13.090613.02880.06180.47%
Fidelity VIP FundsManager 50% Service Class 2 17.689517.58350.10600.60%
Fidelity VIP FundsManager 60% Service Class 2 17.735117.61110.12400.70%
Fidelity VIP FundsManager 70% Service Class 2 20.632220.48520.14700.71%
Fidelity VIP FundsManager 85% Service Class 2 22.475322.29800.17730.79%
Fidelity VIP Index 500 Portfolio (SC2) 626.7607621.76744.99330.80%
Fidelity VIP Investment Grade Bond Portfolio (SC2) 21.854721.77340.08130.37%
Fidelity VIP Overseas Portfolio (SC2) 43.013342.44030.57301.33%
Fidelity VIP Real Estate Portfolio Service Class 2 23.119422.84170.27771.20%
Fidelity VIT Investment Grade Bond Initial Class 12.198912.15490.04400.36%
Goldman Sachs Government Money Market Fund Institutional 1.02751.02710.00040.04%
Janus Henderson VIT Enterprise 127.0970126.17350.92350.73%
JPMorgan Small Cap Value 41.482641.18330.29930.72%
Lord Abbett Developing Growth Portfolio 48.745047.87400.87101.79%
LVIP JPM US Equity Fund 72.471171.86720.60390.83%
MFS Mid Cap Value Portfolio 18.563018.48990.07310.39%
MFS VIT III Blended Research Small Cap Equity Portfolio Initial Class 22.118021.94580.17220.78%
MFS VIT III Mid Cap Value Portfolio Initial Class 14.641114.57000.07110.49%
MFS VIT International Growth Service 19.198018.99360.20441.06%
MFS VIT New Discovery Initial 24.395924.16470.23120.95%
Putnam VT Sustainable Leaders IA 65.842165.21970.62240.95%
T Rowe Price Blue Chip Growth Portfolio 62.796062.15950.63651.01%
T Rowe Price Emerging Markets Stock Fund - Invest 36.098935.93250.16640.46%
T Rowe Price Equity Income Fund - Investor Class 53.823953.8411-0.0172-0.03%
T Rowe Price Global Real Estate - Investor Class 22.002021.78000.22201.01%
T Rowe Price Growth Stock Fund - Investor Class 134.6694133.27651.39291.03%
T Rowe Price International Bond Fund-Investor Class 7.44307.43100.01200.16%
T Rowe Price New Horizons Fund - Investor Class 104.7198103.52411.19571.14%
T Rowe Price New Income Fund - Investor Class 8.94908.92340.02560.29%
T Rowe Price Overseas Stock Fund - Investor Class 13.641913.48200.15991.17%
T Rowe Price Small Cap Value - Investor Class 67.471867.16220.30960.46%
T Rowe Price Spectrum Income Fund-Investor Class 13.679513.65080.02870.21%
Templeton Global Bond Securities Fund - Class 4 17.373017.33220.04080.23%
Templeton Global Bond VIP Fund Class 1 14.097314.06520.03210.23%
Vanguard 500 Index Admiral Shares 490.5073486.59923.90810.80%
Vanguard Developed Markets Index Admiral Shares 17.822017.63100.19101.07%
Vanguard Emerging Markets Stock Index Admiral Shares 38.954438.59550.35890.92%
Vanguard Extended Market Index Signal Shares 130.5604129.51091.04950.80%
Vanguard Federal Money Market Fund 1.03881.03840.00040.04%
Vanguard High-Yield Corporate Fund Admiral Shares 7.04977.03350.01620.23%
Vanguard Mid-Growth Fund 44.076243.72720.34900.79%
Vanguard REIT Index Admiral Shares 146.6547145.16371.49101.02%
Vanguard Retirement Income Fund 15.952715.86840.08430.53%
Vanguard Selected Value Fund 52.621352.33770.28360.54%
Vanguard Small Cap Index Admiral Shares 107.6066106.82880.77780.72%
Vanguard Target Retirement 2025 Fund 24.345324.19090.15440.63%
Vanguard Target Retirement 2030 Fund 45.640345.32920.31110.68%
Vanguard Target Retirement 2035 Fund 29.104228.88900.21520.74%
Vanguard Target Retirement 2040 Fund 51.939451.54680.39260.76%
Vanguard Target Retirement 2045 Fund 33.767333.50140.26590.79%
Vanguard Target Retirement 2050 Fund 54.914754.45630.45840.83%
Vanguard Target Retirement 2055 Fund 57.973257.48390.48930.84%
Vanguard Target Retirement 2060 Fund 51.206650.78010.42650.83%
Vanguard Target Retirement Fund 2020 39.688039.47130.21670.55%
Vanguard Total Bond Market Index Admiral Shares 10.472010.43640.03560.34%
Vanguard Variable Insurance Fund Equity Index Fund 80.241579.59710.64440.80%
Vanguard Variable Insurance Fund International Fund 37.554437.04550.50891.36%
Vanguard Variable Insurance Fund Mid-Cap Index 37.176936.95430.22260.60%
Vanguard Variable Insurance Fund REIT Index Portfolio 15.821315.65910.16221.03%
Vanguard Variable Insurance Fund Small Co Growth 35.605035.26080.34420.97%
Vanguard Variable Insurance Fund Total Bond Mkt Idx 11.315311.27260.04270.38%
Vanguard VIF Global Bond Index 19.323919.26160.06230.32%
Vanguard VIF Short-Term Investment Grade Bond 10.577110.55700.02010.19%
Wilshire VIT Global Allocation Fund 40.388440.11720.27120.67%

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